Friday, August 31, 2007

You are here!

Also, The Indian Shitizen group/community is on Orkut too. With two members. Heh heh. Those who are not on Facebook and want to keep track through Orkut, please do so.

PS: in that screen shot pic, text says: "Questions are pretty much being asked by every single one of us out there."

This idea is inspired by the Dastangoi tradition, a performance I am yet to see live. If there can be stories inspired by Persian folk lore; there are mannnnyyy stories in our folk tales.
Wait till you hear about the ghoda bhoot...Sleepy Hollow seems a comedy before THAT one and my 80-year-old granny told me that.

You know, when growing up, I loved the Amar Chitra Katha and Panchtantra stories, very good stories and fun series. I remember this particular story about a war between Owls and Crows, and duderinos! That story had strategy, angle, emotion, action, everything. :D I am about doing Panchtantra story-telling/reading sessions? We become one character each...and it out. I am on. Who's interested?

PS: Anyone have old comics around? Don't want the comics, but can you photocopy stories for us? Can we discuss what all we guys might have? Am gonna call Mom tonight, I think I should have a nice bunch... even old Champaks and Tinkle would do. C'mon people, if you know people who might have them, do approach them for us. Or put me on to them.

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