Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Shoot At Sight Project

Shoot the Men: And I will take your picture and your vehicle number and put it up here. Then, I will take those to the police and book you under harassment. The proof is HERE. Let me see, HOW it is ignored and by WHO.

Please DO see how our Romeo has taken his helmet OFF to have a better look at me inside an auto WHILE speeding on a flyover. I have promised this boy, that I will be coming to meet him and his folks, soon. I will. Look at me for all I care, i am good looking. But DO NOT try and intimidate me. You got balls that hurt and I got balls of steel. NO ONE will scare me. Now, come, at your own risk.

CALLING GIRLS: Use your camera phones for more than clicking pics for your facebook updates. Take their face, take their number plate, write a short note on the incident and MAIL me =

AND watch as we take this initiative OFF the blog, IN the paper and ON the street. BUT, I NEED your help....CLICK women, CLICK. Let's give these guys a taste of their own medicine. Come, Romeos, come letch at me, am ready for you. If camera-phones can be used for dirty MMSes, we can use them here as well.

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Spectator said...

aweeeewww !!! such a big punishment for such a humble mistake !!!