Friday, August 31, 2007

Coordinators needed


Need someone to take over/start a version of this blog on Wordpress (of course with links here). Will start the blog, but need someone to be moderator/admin with me there.

Similarly, am thinking having another version on, will be good for us too. We could put out small posts as intros and lead to this blog. What say people? Volunteers?

Also, who has a good voice, clear speech, time and interest in doing podcasts for us?

Mail back:

PS: Today we got two contributions, one from Citizen Carebear and another from Madhusmita. Will be using those two subsequently. We also saw Amin, Amna and Soil&Music interacting for the first time.Welcome and thank-you guys!

1 comment:

Care Bear said...

Volunteer? I would take some hush money for the task.Need resume?