Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CutnPaste: Blame it on the media

Addressed to the Readers:

Hello, can one talk to you,
Could you spare your minutes few?

This is about the Media,
And sincerely one had no idea...
That you could hate it so much,
And refuse even to touch;
Or consider the simple concept,
That even the media could take some wrong steps.

(While you are such a human strong,
You have never done a single wrong?)

Come let's blame it on the Media,
It's always a bloody good idea...

To say Hey Cameraman!
You should also have been Superman;
To stop that blast and prevent that flood,
And fight the villains, and curb the blood.

(While you vote for the villains,
To launder your clandestine millions?)

Come let's blame it on the Media,
It's always a bloody good idea...

To ask hey how come you Reporter,
You don't have that noose a little tighter?
Around a corrupt politicians' head,
Who steal our very daily bread.

(While you walk with pride,
And give them a hefty bribe?)

Come let's blame it on the Media,
It's always a bloody good idea...

To say they did nothing but write,
Too many words, some banal, some trite;
And yet those words don't fill with dread,
For on our land the killers still tread.

(While you will never do your bit,
For it's far easier to throw a fit??)

Come let's blame it on the Media,
It's always a bloody good idea...

Secure in your homes to sit and complain,
Call the media names; give them some pain.
But let me tell you, You are also the SAME;
You do NOTHING else but play the blame game.

But then let's blame it on the Media now,
After all the Public is always holier than thou.

This was in response to some reactions to the earlier Maaro s**le ko post -- written as a response to this story -- where some of you wrote in saying "What did the media do when that man was being beaten by the Bhagalpur-mob?"


They did their jobs. They brought you the video so that you could SEE and be able to judge for yourself; as any sensible, thinking, sensitive Indian WOULD do.

And please, DO remember, the man shooting that video was/ is a CAMERAMAN. He is NOT Superman. What would YOU do when you see a mob of 50-100 thrashing a man? Jump and lie on top of the man to protect him?

What did YOU do when that girl was being disrobed by a mob in Mumbai? HOW many of you came ahead with a shirt or dupatta to COVER her?

Get REAL. The public seems to FORGET that a media person present at a bomb blast sight, accident site, a site where dead bodies of children are being found is AS MUCH HUMAN as you sitting on the OTHER side of the monitor or TV screen with your feet up on the table before you, sitting in your air-conditioned environments...

Why blame us for talking to corrupt politicians and taking their bytes? YOU voted for them and gave them that vantage point in the first place. One could go on with this forever...

It IS funny to see media people clamoring behind a politician with their microphones and their cameras and their falling dupattas and their dishevelled hair. It must be a FUN job to see people crying around you, mothers holding their dead babies and a father crying over the remains of his raped daughter and wife and NOT be able to do anything MORE than bring a news report TO an AUDIENCE that will eat popcorn while watching that video and then turn and say, "But what did the media do?"

IF you can make better journalists... COME. Email your stories, what you report, make it UNBIASED. One will put up your stories HERE on this blog.

MAKE SURE, though that you DON'T make a single mistake, DON'T show any human frailty or personal bias when doing that story, get the BEST bytes and something different from the 52 other TV channels present there and STILL come back home to your wife/husband and kids and smile and talk as if nothing happened.

Original appears here: Blame it on the media


Care Bear said...

Its lovely how something so sharp comes out with a the spur of an emotion.

Shantanu said...

I dont agree with much of the points here, this was just an incident....

there are loads of other incidents where media has just added fuel to the fire, and then on the other hand there are incidents when media has simply given priority to Glamor over bravery, I don't need to state the incident here, even BBC reported it, but our media was busy reporting Sanjay Dutt!