Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Lesson 10: Children of an Abused Nation

Contributed by J Bo

Statutory warning: What lies ahead is unpleasant. Perhaps. It could also be familiar. And that's my contribution today. Yours?

It’s a common sight to find a traffic jam on a fly-over in Delhi. Most jams here are usually due to a single moron. These are people who – in the middle of after-work traffic – decide to turn their vehicle in the opposite direction to common sense. It was nearing twilight and I was sitting in the autorickshaw, stuck in one such jam. You could see the slums below, not too many, just an odd cluster, sporadically strewn around, with little chulhas – two bricks surround by three A-4 size, tin sheets to keep the wind out -- beginning to smoke. There was this man and kid, maybe 6, maybe 10, standing at a distance from one of the hovel clusters.

From the top, I could see his back and that he was somewhat aged and was wearing a lungi. The traffic had begun moving again. Both him and the child were staring into the beyond, with the old man’s hands on the kid’s shoulder. The auto had moved and with another turn I would lose sight of the pair. And then the old man had looked around furtively and lifted his lungi and guided the kid’s hand and we turned. Twilight tricks? I was wearing specs.

Third year of college, to and fro was usually on Delhi Transport Corporation buses. Now general rule in Delhi buses is to head straight for the ‘only for ladies’ seats. Often, there are men sitting on these seats and of course they don’t get up. They resolutely look outside or anywhere but at the women standing around them. Women often have verbal skirmishes with such men. The others usually watch. So this woman gets on with two children – tot in arms and little girl, 4-ish, by side – and an old man, surprisingly, offers his seat. She declines and insists he keep sitting. He does and then kindly, makes the little girl perch on his lap. It was all very symbiotic.

To prevent the child falling off, Old Man kept his hands on the child’s knees, she wore a dark blue frock. A little later, I thought that his hand was a little higher on the child’s thighs. Yet no one else looked bothered, so I continued looking outside as well. Some more time later, the man’s fingers were under the frock’s hem. “Janaab, aap kya kar rahein?” had escaped my mouth before I could… I don’t know what. (What are you doing mister?)

At that moment, the bus stopped to let some more people in. And something weird happened. The old man started opening and closing his mouth like a gold fish; but the mother… She clutched the tot even tighter to her bosom, snatched the little girl off the old man’s lap and stalked off the bus; shoving me hard in the process. Before she alit, she turned and gave me one of the most hateful looks I have ever received in my life. I don’t want to think about what that look meant. Did she hate me for stopping it? Or because she knew and yet hadn’t opened her mouth? Everyone else kept on looking outside.

Happened to discuss the above episodes with someone. The response? “These lower class people; they can do anything.”

End of part one

So the Indian youth are apparently losing their virginity at the ripe age of 19. ‘Generation X, Y, Z values virginity over pre-marital sex’ read the jubilant headlines. What rot. But then, they mean ‘technical’ virginity. Like pop the cherry. But what about fringe benefits? Or pre-loaders?

Like He lost his ‘virginity’ at age four. Daily, when his ayah/maid gave him a bath. It was an exercise in mutual fondling. “I didn’t mind it, thought I knew it was wrong,” he said. “For a long time I had wondered if I would go to hell for liking it, I was afraid I was dying, each time I… till I was 13,” he says. He is a man of words, when he talks, he pours. Or Her, feeling guilty about asking him, “Dad, why did you feel my breasts all those years back?” She is not guilty for him, but, “Mom didn’t know. Shit. She had tears in her eyes. Maybe I should have kept quiet?” But she is sane, she turned out just fine.

Or Him narrating how he looked much older than anyone else since he was, well, hirsute. He also has a very nice voice, but a baritone at 14 isn’t always a good thing. It was his Math tuition teacher, she was 26. “I just closed my eyes and couldn’t…no control, so I came early…” he hesitated, trying to make it sound cute while he has ever since been mortified. Scared of women, why, who would have thought that? It is a scary thought. Because when people get scared of each other, they do mean, underhanded things to balance the status quo.

Or take her, another Daddy’s personal pleasure possum. Now in families where Fathers drink – or there is alcoholism – there is always this pervasive sense of fear. Of not doing a thing out of place that could lead to an argument. You don't do anything that could catch anyone's eye. Drunks always yell. Whether men or women. And look ugly too. So in drunk-at-home families, there is always The Hour, when the first drink begins, after which you pretty much pray you are not The Chosen One. Some drunk parents beat kids, others emotionally destroy kids, still others forget that the child is not just flesh and blood, but His/Her flesh and blood. Another almost-case where a 15-year-old brain told her to keep her legs tightly clenched while Daddy drunk, groped for the drawstrings. The alcohol made him sleepy and he left without much trying. “I still don’t know if I should be grateful that he drank so much that night…” is all she says, sipping her whiskey. (And oh, when you are drinking at 25 or 32, you will become a drunk parent for sure.)

And him, Senor Don Juan Desi: If it moves, will do. When it comes to sexually respecting women, he thinks the lowest of them and serially cheats on the women he says he loves. He wouldn’t agree to it though. The reason? Older women; he was always a rather good-looking boy. He was mostly let down by mother figures. The first was his best friend’s mother. Apparently, his own mother knew about it.

How many other mothers keep quiet? Do the parents really not know… or they don’t have the balls to accept it and speak up? Which part is tougher: Taking on the Predator or explaining it to the child? We have 53.22 per cent children ABUSED. Crudely, that’s half the kids you see playing every evening in any given park. (and that’s from the surveyed sample, we are a huge nation) If it’s 53 % kids abused; those kids grow up to be adults. So a nation of abused adults. Which way do they swing? Victims or predators?

Perhaps let's say it is rampant the world over. But does everyone stay as hush about it as we do? Given the long time Indian families stay together – be it joint family or meeting relatives frequently for festivals and weddings – our abuse cases are mostly close family. Fifty per cent are close relatives or known people, says report released by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. Or perhaps that’s the nature of child abuse: We sire to devour. And it’s not low-class, high-class. When it comes to children, everyone likes a bite. So now I don’t bother asking, “What was your first time like?” Most of us are lying.

PS: I will not be a mute spectator. I will try and have balls.

The Report Says on Sexual Abuse

1. 53.22% children reported having faced one or more forms of sexual abuse.
2. Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Bihar and Delhi reported the highest percentage of sexual abuse among both boys and girls.
3. 21.90% child respondents reported facing severe forms of sexual abuse and 50.76% other forms of sexual abuse.
4. Out of the child respondents, 5.69% reported being sexually assaulted.
5. Children in Assam, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Delhi reported the highest incidence of sexual assault.
6. Children on street, children at work and children in institutional care reported the highest incidence of sexual assault.
7. 50% abuses are persons known to the child or in a position of trust and responsibility.
8. Most children did not report the matter to anyone.


Care Bear said...

Read it many times.Lost count.
There was this incident recently in USA where a lady teacher repeatedly sexually abused a boy in her class many years back.Now the same boy turned out to be a police officer and sued her.Not too sure about the current status,but the case was goin on when i last heard.And the lady is an Indian origin.

Anonymous said...

so i post today, admitting something that has been eating me up for a while now. A while ago, id say a few months, i was driving with my parents around DLF. i stopped at this red light, quite similar to the story, and i saw this old man and a little girl at the median. they were just sitting there, oblivious to the maddness of traffic arround them.
it was almost if they were hiding in the chaos. the light turns green, and i started to move, but my eyes were fixed on them, i dont know why, and just before i lost sight of them, i saw the man put his hands up the little girls clothes. (and now im feeeling sick at the thought)
at that moment i knew exactly what was going on, but i kept driving.

it wouldve been ok i suppose if i didnt know what that could do to you, but i did. yet i drove. my parents were there, cars behind me, clients waiting. it wasnt my fight i told myself, but that was a lie. its always my fight. its always our responsibility. so here is my resolution, .. i will not stand by and just let things like this happen.. i will not be the mute spectator. i will not let the pressure to be one of the crowd stop me from doing the right thing.

Crimson Feet said...

i love the disney world... i love life in its positive ways... the worst times are when i fail to see the positives of a situation.... this is one of them...

i mean.. who says "Jo Hota Hai Ache Ke Liye Hota Hai"... or, "u get what u deserve" ...

i am not an escapist .. i just want life sprinkled with some nice thoughts, among the not so nice ones...

i am not sure what i am askin
but... its disturbing... not what is said... but the mere possibility that, what has been said might actually be meaningless to a human being at a certain moment, in a certain frame of mind...

i dont even know what a HUMAN being is supposed to be after reading all this...

thoughts are hitting against each other... on "sexual pleasures" and "moral conflicts", "physical hurt" and "physical pleasure against mental hurt"!!!... or... no hurt either way and only a realisation... kid, teen, adult, old, deprived, satisfied...will a service bar at ever corner of the street do the trick??... will talking abt it do the trick??... or, just making it not that big a deal do the trick??.. i mean the traume is more about how society percieves it than the act itself?!? isnt it?.. NO!? ...its all getting mixed up.. not the thoughts!... i am sure.. not the thoughts!

sector7 said...

disturbing, cannot say. but evil, definitely yes.
a pervert will put his/her hands to work on a child.
a thief will use the childs hand to work up someone else.
eunuchs... and criminals.. and maybe others are using them to their own purpose.
in either way, ABUSE, it messes up the child psyche... aberration... sometimes irreparably.
practically asked - as adults which way will it swing? a nation full of half depressed victims...zombies.. or hardened psychopaths. so much negativity! its already happening. switch on the news. go through the morning paper... shit scary!

while you see a case or two driving your car or in the bus, imagine what goes on behind the scene? that is for real... there is the root of all evil.

J. Bo said...

IBN Blogger, Bindu Tandon, says

"If our wretched/blessed government thinks muslim s need special sanctions and policing and fascilities maybe you and your media could direct there attention towards abused children.
Widely publicised Children helplines at every station, airport, toilet, bus stop and at s choo ls would help.
Public counsellors who are available at redressal locations in every suburb for instance in Mumbai would help.
Clear sex education in s choo ls and at temples, masjids, chu rches gurdwaras etc would help.
Instead in this large difficult to govern country you will have denial...denial that a problem really exists...Benighted people all of us. Weak and preying on the weaker. Abused children another lonely cause unless the powers that be and the ministries that are take it up. Do you know we have 540 odd MPs of which atleast 50 or 100 must be there for there star value...and that includes Priya Dutt sister of Sanjay and daughter of Sunil Dutt.
Shame shame."

---thankyou, Bindu
Here's the story on

serendipity said...

The Big Fat Indian Family...Dear Aunts and Uncles...The Two Youngest Girls, both sisters...both abused by the same uncle at age 11 and 13.
This is India.

Excerpts from an old post, " The invisible scratches on my body, the unmistakable vacuum in my soul. If I told you that the hands that were meant to protect, the eyes I trusted, the voice I recognized...turned around and shattered my world. What does it feel like to never have had a not remember what being 11 years old feels like. When you grow up too fast even when you don't want to. When you learn what a curse it is to be born as a woman in this world full of wolves posing as men. What would you do if I told...I am not me because the person I could've been was slowly suffocated and murdered a long time ago. "

sector7 said...

>> This is India
actually.. This is Everywhere

the max. no of cases in paedophilia or child pornography are not from India (probably they arent reported so much. but definitely they arent promoted so much too). Not to say I'm undermining the concern here.

J. Bo said...

What do you mean 'not promoted'? Porn and paedophilia do not need advertisement. Surfing the net would reveal enough; though you have more Lajpat Nagar uncle-aunty porn easily advertised and availablen than you will get kiddie-porn. ALSO, kiddy porn is not promoted, because its a fuckin full-fledged business. It's also not promoted, because pretty much like Harry Potter and the ministry of magic, we want to believe that Voldy --in this case kid abusers -- are not there.

Crimson Feet said...

ixiuq@ serendipity


At least the appraisal and bonus is good.

@ Sector 7
see your point. lets not blame 'india'. its a human evil (or disturbing reality!)

serendipity said...

@ sector7
no one is blaming India. the 'this is India' comment is meant to be a statement of how the family structure is perpetuating and contributing to the hushed up but true figures (as quoted in the post)

read this if you wish to know more -

as for your comment on paedophilia and child pornography in India...we are slowly becoming the hub of sex tourism and a prime target for paedophile's in S.Asia alongwith Nepal and Thailand.
Goa, Kerela and Bombay lead in this infamous trade, as per official figures.

@ crimson

sector7 said...

@j bo
one question. of all the major internet porn including child porn , how many of it is from India or run by Indians?

Its good that you are not blaming India. reading your post it felt you are "cornering" India.

The situation you have described here is India in early 2000. Things have considerably been improving (if at a struggling pace) since a major scandal broke out in 03? Cannot recall the name... some britishers involved.

yep. :P

J. Bo said...

"how many of it is from India or run by Indians?"
Rahul, dont you think that's a stupid question? Porn is illegal in India, child-porn is illegal the world over. I REALLY dont see them coming and handing me their names. That apart, IF I do have those names, they will be revealed AFTEr an investigation and WHEN those people can be arrested. And please, don't be dumb to think that if major porn companies do not have Indian names or logos, it's not happening. And in certain countries, porn is legal and a registered movie industry. the 'major' players -- Vivid, for instance -- come from those nations. In India, porn is usually clandestinely filmed. PICK up a Manohar Kahani and you will read MANY stories about BOYFRIENDS gang-raping GFs and making videos.

2. "it felt you are "cornering" India."
Er, Rahul, CORNERING India IS the point of this blog. We like to duck and hide usually, someone needs to corner us.

3. The situation you have described here is India in early 2000. Things have considerably been improving..
Ok, i have not yet read the link posted by Serendipity; however = WHAT situation is improving? The Child Abuse report was released by the Ministry in APRIL 2007. So as of THIS year, we stand at more than half the child population being abused.

What is improving????

J. Bo said...

and if we all end up arguing here...PLEASE lets remember, this is not to get personal against anyone. We NEED to talk, debate, argue, understand. Those would be the first steps to DOING something. tks!

@ Rahul
sorry if i was biting in the earlier comment! i have two dogs at home. :P

Crimson Feet said...

...and i am sure her dogs dont bite half as much! ;)

taurius1 said...

HMmm... I've known it happens. I've known it for a long time now...
It's kinda obvious in my head. Like an extension of what people in many internet communtiies and I call Rule 34. Roughly put, it says, "If it exists, there is porn of it. There is no exceptions."

I'm lucky enough to never have encountered any instances of abuse, with children or otherwise. But I've always wondered what I'd be doing if I did. I'm almost afraid I won't do anything. A couple of years ago, maybe I wouldn't have, and gone on minding my own buisiness. To put it mildly, I've started being a general prick towards people with anti social habits.

So let me ramble here, seeing how you really cant prevent me from doing so. :-P

Why does it happen? Mostly coz people find nothing stopping them.

I suppose one expects people to be guided by their sense of morals and that sense of right and wrong they're supposed to have imbibed within them while growing up.

I suppose in the absence of a proper (controlled?) environment that's promoting a person's sense of right/wrong to conform with society's acceptable standards, we have perverts and miscreants.

I suppose each and every one of us should be on the responsible for a) providing our own friends, family, near and dear ones with the courage and support in making sure that any untoward incidents don't happen to them. b) not being hesitant in acting against someone who is misbehaving with someone else

But then that's you and me, and everyone else reading this. What are we to do with the people how haven't had the benefit of an upbringing that makes them respect the other person? What are we to do when we're confronted with a person who sees nothing wrong with what he's doing simply because he's not got that bit in his head that tells him it is wrong?

At the end of the day, I strive to be the best I can be. I try to make things better for people around me. Thats' the most I've let myself do. : /

P.S. Sector7: There's A LOT of indian porn too. You just need to know where to look. ;) Rule 34, remember?

serendipity said...

@ sector7
Cornering India? India is not a defenseless, helpless little child that can be cornered and not respond or retaliate. The helpless, little children of India though ARE being cornered and abused. And someone needs to raise their voice atleast and bring attention to it.

And things are not improving. If you think that a scandal and a case here and there means something is changing. IT IS NOT. Its just being hidden better. Sexual abuse, sex tourism, child trafficking and paedophilia in India is on the rise whether one wants to admit it or not. If you pay attention, on your next trip to a beach in Goa or Kerela, you will find what the sexual predators come looking for.

@ crimson
her bark is sharper than her bite ;) trust me, you ain't seen nothing yet.

sector7 said...

1. that was in response to your saying "porn does not need promotion". i was trying to separate two things here - paedophile by nature AND paedophile by business. please stand corrected i DONT mean its not happening. my whole point was regarding prom0tion. foreigners who came/come here (generally) are not here to satisfy their "child lust" BUT for business.

2. hmm... got it maam!!

3. IMPROVEMENT: i think 1 + .15 is an improvement of .15 over 1.
if there will be NO Child Abuse report in year 2008...i guess you want to call THAT improvement. i will call it miracle considering the suddenness of it all (and yes i believe miracles do happen)
pls read this -

sector7 said...
i am here not only to talk. i want to listen. learn. educate myself in things im unaware or half aware of. im not a pro and might be making more statements which IMO are correct but may not make sense to anyone else. if that is something not to be entertained... i can understand.


i know i know. i have grown up on it! ;)

Anonymous said...

nice comments, these. roadside incidents, mps, consellors, statistics. nice work.
now lemme give you the inside story. not statistics and all, but what goes on inside the mind. when you're a little child right in the middle of the process j bo. saw only the beginning of, you're confused. because you dont know what's going on. and scared to stop for fear of the beating that will follow. and these things happen in homes. homes of polished, refined, well-educated people. and when you tell your parents about it, they ask you to shut up because they cant or dont want to offend the relative. such parents exist. and therefore, real statistics dont. it's all accepted and hushed up. did someone mention sex education in schools? well, that may be a tad late. i dont know what the solution is. but when i see people talking of governments and policies and education, i fell like giving them a violent rattle. why dont you guys look inside home for a change? talk to your kids, nephews, nieces, domestic help, neighbours. i dont know whether you'll ba able to save an abused nation, but save one child in your neighbourhood. at least.

soil & music said...

Instances of abuse.

I was 12 -13 years old

1. A distant cousin of mine, held my mouth shut, pinned me down & tried to pull my shorts down & shove his organ from the back side, when all the elders were in the very next room chatting. I managed to somehow keep up a fight & wriggle out.

2. A teacher at school who always pinched my ear blue, caned me till i had blisters for his sexual gratification.

3. A swimming coach who always followed me to the deep & tried to touch me,pull down my swim suit, who always followed me to the change rooms.

4. At a foot ball camp playing for a wonderful Kerala schools team for All India schools championship, which is played at Ambedkar Stadium, the football coach, thrusted his ugly looking hard one out, when i refused, he did not let me play, made me into a ball boy, at his second attempt, i hit him,he threw me out of the camp. End of football career !

Who cares a damn for official reports etc, my foot,i could not even speak about all this to my parents not even to friends. I had to figure it out myself.

The predator is there, all the time. He is dangerous.

Now, i am 42, i have a ten year old to bring up, i will be truamatised if he has to go through it all. But our relationship is less hierarchical than what it was with my parents, When he started to go for Swimmining lessons, i was wary, diferent coach, different city,different time in history,but i still warned him about the coach...... do not let him touch you.

J. Bo said...

"why dont you guys look inside home for a change? i don't know whether you'll ba able to save an abused nation, but save one child in your neighbourhood. at least."

Little Steps lead to the big thing called Change is what we belive in. And it's EXACTLY what you are saying. Even if ONE person prevents it, it works. Please read Soil & Music's response: it takes a whole lot to write all that. And he is thinking right.

Soil & Music
is a thankyou enough ... for sharing that? Yes, i warn my younger cousins. One aunt got pretty mad at me, but warn them nonetheless. Have tried talking to some mothers; it's never been easy.

Jappy Boy/Man said...

Hi JBo,
seems like deja vu to me. Some Idiot was suggesting it was uncle Sam to blame but beleive me if I were to be touched in the wrong way at a young age I would have preferred some one my age and from the opposite sex. I lost my dad when I was 6 and had an insecure childhood. Frustrated "uncles" in the bus used to use my penis for their personal pleasure (talk about gay rights and sex ed). I was supposed to be cute and guys in their 18s would ask me to strip and use my ass to entertain themselves (as one commented it looked like that of a pornstar). I used to be so ashamed of my Penis. When I was in the 12th my college had introduced this sex awareness initiative where this guy (meenakshi sheshadri's bro) came and taught us about the "good" and the "bad" touch and made me realise that I was a victim of one such thing. I am almost 30 now and every time an unknown man touches me it still sends shivers through my body. Thankfully I have got myself to lead a healthy sexual life.
So all you bastards and assholes who do this and fucking morons who oppose sex education imagine yourself when you were 12/13 and a 30 yr old man fucking you in the ass just because you didnt know the difference between a good and a bad touch!!
Guess I gotta go have a bottle of whiskey@! happy Teachers day (teachers highland cream scotch whiskey rocks!!)

Crimson Feet said...

this is getting too real, too dark and at too fast a pace... i have been fortunate enuf not to have faced any such "reality" in my life.. (except for a small incident, which i wonder why had escaped my memory completely untill now. i was learning to drive a scooter and an old uncle asked for a lift. i felt proud of getting to drive someone else also and let him sit, while he began to explore my man/boy hood with full freedom.. i was shocked, and we cud have met with an accident if not anythng else!!... didnt affect me much.. but i was confused to no limit!!! i mean WHY the fuck .. there was no logical reason.. untill very late in my life, when i heard abt the existence of gay ppl..)

but this is nothing... compared to the pain i am feeling now... i dont even want to imagine what traume all these friends of mine have been through!...

if a small 1 week old blog, with almost an infinite insignificance in this universe of www can bring up so many real incidents... i wonder how rampant THIS actually is...!!!

this is too damn ugly and i am feeling an urge to SERIOUSLY do whtevet small little we can to curb this...

one suggestion... i have been a (non active) member of a community called Elaan that aims to "combat child sexual abuse" --- orkut link ... may be we can just contact them and ask how we can contribute to their effort...

silly official stuff but ... i nominate J Bo... as "our" official rep to forward our support to them..
Us = ALL of us... those who contribute, those who comment, those who read.. ALL those who know that shitizen exists...

any more ideas welcome... i feel we MUST get active abt this ....

Jappy Boy/Man said...

Well. I think for starters I would like to go around schools preferably primary/ middle class 3 or 4 schools in rural areas schools for the under previledged and schools for the normal working class people's kids and teach them about a good touch and a bad touch. and If a kid has experienced a bad touch we need to tell him/her that he/she is a victim and ask him/her to shout on top of his/her voice so atleast one of the sane people around can hear and beat the crap out of such monsters. The biggest trauma I experienced was the fact that I thought something was wrong with me which provoked indescent behaviour of these people and almost grew up with this feeling I guess the kids who are victims of such crimes must be told that there is nothing wrong with them.
btw: I came to konw in NWFP of Pakistan where there is the Taliban and stuff and women are forced to wear an inverted Shuttle cock as a burqa young kids (boys) are used as substitutes for prostitues and this practice is known and acknolewdged by all. I guess this may be happening in our country too. we need to bust such stuff rather than worry about what the left parties are planning to strike about next

Crimson Feet said...

thats a grt start by jappy boy!!.. what say guys?... sunny, jbo, mohit, bhalu, sector7, taurean,serendipity, soil n music, the ANONYMOUS frnds, others who came here first recent.... we can put together a task force... even if we manage a few schools in our vicinity i believe we wud have made a difference...

Anonymous said...

nice, well-intentioned ideas. guys, some 15 years after that painful period, i come out with no direct details of any incident. anonymously at that. does that tell you something? this is a delicate issue. most of the time you feel it's all your fault. you want to die of shame. i sure wouldn't want to open up to a 'task force'. i ain't tellin my story to strangers. and why would i trust you with such a personal thing?
now imagine a small child. with far more fears than i have right now. i think it's a very one-to-one thing you can do only with children who know you and can place their trust in you. don't forget you're just another 'uncle' or 'aunty'.

Crimson Feet said...


we need these responses...thanks anonymous..

my understanding, in light of these words is that, we cant take an aggressive revolutionary stand... nonetheless, we need to at least generate awareness.. may be a gentler more intimate approach...

the activity by meenakshi sheshadri's brother did help !!(need to know his name.. may b he is still active).. i am sure even our attempts will work, only if they are sensitively approached...

can we have intimate sessions with parents??...
and why will they belive us? may b cause the ppl who will b speakin to them have themselves faced it?

do shitizens see merit in what i am saying?
especially anonymous...?

sector7 said...

Mr. Anonymous is right on target, practically speaking.
I have taught in a 2 different schools run by NGOs, but my mind draws a ... a...blank when I think how will I be teaching those same kids about the right & wrong touch.. get them to confide in us.
I'm open to ideas. I'm ready to implement.

Crimson: Nithari was the first place which came to my mind.

Crimson Feet said...

good idea sector 7!

although nithari may be risky too for the same reasons!... needs to be thought thru...

i dont feel we can teach children.. i mean the very young ones. a lil elder.. teeny ... may be!

well.. one idea.. and may be this is a bit too risky..
a lot of incidents happen in buses.. can we enter buses with hand held loudspeakers?
- no need to directly interact with individuals
- msg is put across in a relevant context thus better reinforcement

the content that we share will need to be suitably created... and the premise here is that evry bus that we enter, there is someone who has faced it, someone who has done it, and someone who intends to do it!

am open to modifications of the idea or it simply being shot down.

Citizen MohitOnTheRocks said...

Not an expert on such topics, but I saw "Tulir - Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse " commenting on J Bo's article. Why not ask them how they have been doing the "Prevention" part; they would also be able to let us know the most common road blocks in taking such an initiative so that we can plan around those and make this effective.

Citizen Mo Sha

taurius1 said...

I don't think you're allowed any kind of propaganda inside public transport without prior permission. >_<

plucky lampooner said...

Indian Shitizen>>>>????????
i think Indian Shitizen r corrupt netas ,bureaucrats , actors like salman khan ,sanjay dutt,ppl working in bpo,kpo ,top corporate world ,ppl who r rich,elite,fundamentalists,etc etc
list can never end in india ----the country where there r endless gods ~~~

Anonymous said...

Crimson, you got it bang on. Parents it is. Let's get hold of them, talk to them. The bus idea is good too. If loudspeakers aren't allowed in buses, maybe we could wear t-shirts with messages, or put up stickers.