Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lesson 15: Ram ji ki jai ho… (nahin to?)

aka Holier Than Thou, contributed by Citizen Ikaros

Question: How many Indians does it take to stop a bull-dozer from going over the Yamuna river bed and making the games village?
Answer: ONE. The rest can stand and cheer.
But who will be that one? And a different one every day?

J Bo's Note: This post is AS MUCH to the media as to the so-called upholders of Faith. Why is it that Everything in our country becomes a matter of religion? Take the nation-wide chakka-jam/strike alled by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP). On the face of it, it is a stand-off between developers and conservers. The developers are those who want to build the canal that would reduce sea-time for ships plying between India and Sri Lanka. The conservers say the bridge (setu) would dislodge many fishermen from those areas in both countries and will also cause severe, irreparable damage to the environment. However, now comes chakka jamkahani main twist. What are scientifically said to be shoals formed due to sedimentation (the gradual settling of soil) are also supposed to be the remains of the bridge the vanar-sena made for Bhagwan Ram to go to Lanka. So basically, and of course the saffron brigade is up protesting, “save the setu”. What I personally find exceedingly funny in the situation is that the Government, which should know that there are some who WILL be emotional about anything to do with Ram… CHOSE to have ‘setu’ in their project name. Very sensitive to the country, must say. And what’s with people? At the time when everyone is busy worrying about tax returns, mediclaims, vacations during Diwali-Dussehra, movie releases etc – there are people who are burning cars and creating mayhem for Ram. Definitely only a vanar sena. But not a loyalist to Ram, he never preached mob violence. And definitely not on the property and possessions of those who had not done anything. He represented a right cause, good versus evil. You are being neither, just ridiculous. If you have to fight: Use LOGIC…in the name of Ram! I mean c’mon VHP, oppose the setu, but do it FOR the fishermen there, BE Ram’s true followers: Ram helped Shabri, he helped his followers. He didn’t go around burning things to prove his point. If you are such Ram-bhakts (devotees), how is it that ALL your actions are only towards vague ideas but NEVER about real people, the people of Ram? This is not Dharm, this is dhong.

Citizen Ikaros’ take on things: Holier Than Thou?

People blame A particular section of society for an act of terror and the dissent has and will run deep for years to come.

In India, there was a certain haplessly opportunist of a President back in 1947 whose ugly move we still have to bear through. People are divided upon religion because of the relics or so called 'beholders of faith' like the Maulanas from SIMI (a Muslim students’ body) and Sudarshan who heads RSS (a totally tyrannical Hindu outfit with regressive and outdated principles).

Islam and Vedanta are two profound studies, which preach of God and the ways to attain godliness. Still how can it be that they engage people towards fanaticism?

Christianity has the vaguest and yet simplest of all doctrines. Buddhism is mistakenly thought as the religion of peace and compassion. Ask the Neo-Buddhist and you will know. The very lunacy of religion lies in the fact that one man's god is another's devil.

It is not hard to follow a religion of convenience. And if you are a clergyman, it is not hard to turn a well-found religion into a religion of convenience as well. So all the lawlessness, acts of terror, brutality against animals, are accounted for people who are godless. But not following any religion, according to many would be blasphemous and makes one an outlaw.

But does everyone go about terrorizing and rampaging daily peace? On the contrary, most acts of ghastly deeds have been performed by believers of religion. The Spanish Inquisition and witch hunts by the Christians, the forceful conversions by Muslims through the centuries, and recent fanatical acts by the Hindu Right wing.

With the advent of a flurry of spiritual channels featuring 'godmen' and clergymen giving away religious discourses with divine confidence, it makes me sit, watch and wonder. How necessary it is to have FAITH! It is the only Hope and Shelter. It's the provider of Solace. Take away FAITH from your life and everything is lost. We have been programmed in such a way.

And I try to believe.

PS: At the mention of ‘channel: from the videos I had seen on TV, the situation seemed really bad. However, there was no evidence on anything, anywhere. Are we needlessly creating mountains out of molehills? What happens if the Press were to boycott an event and NOT give it publicity?


taurius1 said...

"What happens if the Press were to boycott an event and NOT give it publicity?"
Has it ever happend before?

I think it's too much to expect from a media collective that's so starved for news that I've once seen a news ticker on TV say, "Breaking news! King Khan injured while filming!" Apparently, he twsited his ankle. <_<

The point I'm making is, the media tends to overhype issues now, just for sensationalism. Coz it sells. And they know that most people buy.

Right now. I've given up reading any part of the news that's one sided, or telling me more than the facts, and embelishing it with opinions.

As for the issue at hand, I really don't know what to think about religion-based arguments in politics. >_<

J. Bo said...

Oh but it was done. The American paparazzi completely boycot George Clooney's red-carpet event for Perfect Storm. Why? Coz Clooney had blasted the paps and blamed them for Princess Di's death.
Dude, IF American paparazzi, the most blood thirsty, unethical, we-will-get-your-pic-even-if-it-kills you media can NOT take and boycot...Indian media Can. Too. BUT. WHO will have the balls? Unfortunately, i dont have a media channel. ;)

Care Bear said...

India is all set out to becoming an economic superpower and then on the other hand ,still cries out with a problem called communalism.We are the second largest population,which also means huge number of unemployed dudes who would readily offer their hands to those conspirers of communal outburst.

And the Indian media will never have the nerve to boycott an event,be it a Shahrukh Khan breaking his nail or the VHP in Adams bridge.Not in the next 10 years.Period.

Crimson Feet said...

...perfectly fair and laudable thoughts there J Bo... and roy's (ikaros) quest for faith is touching!!

I was wondering that, if its only the media who is harping it up, then why are we blaming the hindu extremists. if they want the so called "ram sethu" to stay and they are claiming it without beating the shit out of harmless pedestrians then i think they have the democratic right to. Hope so!

One point that has been missed is that the congress has officially stated "there is no historical evidence that Lord Ram existed or that he(Ram) built the Ram Setu" (source ibn )

Now here is the issue!! Hindu leftist come up with a unique but inconsequential reason to not destroy the nature (some parts of it rather), and the govt comes up with an equally inconsequntial reason to refute it.

Having said that, the fact remains that hindu extremists ARE resorting to some sort of violence or unfair force. Is that justified? NO!!

Second and more important issue here is FAITH! to what extent will this affect the faith of those hindus who are NOT resorting to violence? read this ---
"The Archaelogical Survey of India (ASI) has stated in its affidavit on the issue of Ramar Sethu (Adam’s Bridge) on the Sethusamudram project, before the Supreme Court on Wednesday that Subramanian Swamy and others mainly relied on the contents of Valmiki Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas by Tulasidas and other mythological texts. These texts admittedly form an important part of ancient Indian literature, but this cannot be said to be historical record to incontrovertibly prove the existence of the characters or the occurrence of the events, depicted therein.
" 13 sep 2007

faith inherently is blind my dont and cant use logic against faith! faith drives many of us...whether religious or otherwise... and those among us who loose the faith, are sort of groping around for smthng to hold on to...

Now read this...

"When the project was started in 2005, though, it was with the assumption that there was no real bridge between India and Sri Lanka. Project authorities believed they just had to deal with heaps of sand, naturally deposited by the oceans. Ships with huge saw-like cutters and pillar-like spuds were employed to smash these sand bars and cut a channel through the bridge.
As it turned out, there were sand deposits, but these were wedged between hard rocks. An engineer onboard one of the ships said that workers encountered the rock bed at just three fathoms (15ft) beneath sea level. Scientists say this is the kind of information the government should have collected before embarking on the project. “You have to consult scientific organizations about the geo-physical structure. Digging two-three bore wells will not tell you the structure of the area. We have a marine geology division. Why was it not consulted?” asked R. Gopalakrishnan, former director of the Geological Survey of India."


A dredger is an expensive ship to dig "sand" out of sea... "the dredger DCI Aquarius (Rs. 81.2 lac) was badly damaged in May this year. Its spud, used to break sand deposits and soft rocks, shattered on impact with the hard rocks on Adam’s Bridge... "

also, economic benefits of this project seem overhyped (suez canal reduced any shipping time to half. this one will only reduce 24 hrs)

... my father believs that Ram Sethu was made by Ram. My mother feels elated at the beauty of possible scientific advancements of that era. Almost all the Hindus untill the previous generation never questioned the veracity of Ramayana. Its a book that can guide your life. YOU DO NOT ARGUE against faith.

Will my Mom and dad stop believing on Ram after this? NO. In fact, if they are convinced that this project will help many people (as claimed by the govt) then they will simply be happy for them. But EVEN THAT IS NOT HAPPENING KNOW!!!! ... 2500 crores have been spent with NO accountability... i think VHP, inadvertantly, has helped the situation by creating this kind of ruckus!!!

request all to read this --

The project to dredge a channel connecting the Bay of Bengal with the Gulf of Mannar, called the Sethusamudram project, is mired in controversy. In a four-part series, Mint looks at the real issues related to the project. The first part looks at the status of the project as well as the lack of information on all aspects of it including costs, the result of a gag order enforced by the shipping ministry.
Part 2 will appear tomorrow.

sector7 said...

SIMI = a Muslim students’ body
RSS = a totally tyrannical Hindu outfit with regressive and outdated principles.

I can go at length writing about the absurdity of the above stmt, but I'll take a pass simply cuz I dont have time right now.

outdated principles?? man!!... it never ceases to amaze me how even the educated (often the over-educated) can talk so illogically, following the knowledge that has been passed on to them by some unknown powers from the higher echelons!
what principles are you talking about?? - read this if you want a gist of it -
ALSO, I'm ready to eat my words back, if you can show me ONLY 2 similar natured, pre-meditated acts of tyranny by RSS. If you are going to rant about facts on Bajrang Dal & VHP, then dont bother. I've never liked them and probably never will.

Totally agree with you there. I've grown up listening to stories about the "bridge" and yes I have sentiments attached to it. But that apart, it is a natural relic of historical significance, which IMO should be protected by the Govt. of India (like we do for all things A.D/B.C found in museums & galleries irrespective of their religious nature)

The above views are not personally targeted. If I have dissed anyone... "I'm sorry" but do let me know. No offense meant.

Crimson Feet said...

relax sector 7.... u got moved by a small refernce to RSS ... and missed the broader picture .... also... becasue RSS is not bad.. does not mean even SIMI isnt...

check simi details urself....

"The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), proscribed under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, 1967, is an Islamist fundamentalist organization, which advocates the ‘liberation of India’ by converting it to an Islamic land. The SIMI, an organisation of young extremist students has declared Jihad against India, the aim of which is to establish Dar-ul-Islam (land of Islam) by either forcefully converting everyone to Islam or by violence. "

The stated mission of SIMI BY THEMSELVES is the ‘liberation of India’ from western materialistic cultural influence and to convert it into an Islamic society. This organization is believed by many, including the Government of India, to be involved in terrorism [1]. It was outlawed by the Indian Government in 2002, and fears exist in government circles that it has been penetrated by Al-Qaeda.[2]

moreover.... read my comment on the situation and read the link at the end .. we have more dangerous peopl who are embezzling 2500 rcores again on the name of this project... its scary man... i am with u in not destrying the bridge... but reasons are different!!


sector7 said...

crimson mate... my point exactly. see -
SIMI is JUST a student body
RSS is a tyrannical outfit

do u see something contradictory there.. something contradictory to the facts you've just pointed out about SIMI??

I've read the rest of the post as well and it is indeed commendable. Kudos to Ikaros for that. but I'm asking abt/pointing out the irregularities.

okk.. re-read your informative post. and now I guess it gives me reason + 1 to support not destroying the bridge! :P :D

Crimson Feet said...

okk.. got it... u meant that SIMI and RSS can not be spoken of in the same vein... true..

listen to this... breakin news...

UPA is red faced and apologises. Says Lord Ram did exist!!

funny situation this country is facing man!! :)

[ ]

Sunny said...

sad to say, but the general indian population thinks with their hearts, and not their minds.

I mean, LK Advani really thinks that Ram and Hanuman really exists, and he is egging everyone on by raising the issue of hurting hindu sentiments.

Boo on you BJP! India is a land of progressive thinkers, and here a leading political party is asking us to go back to old primitive ways.... so much for moving forward.

First they bastardise hinduism, then they bastardise all hindus, and now they want to use that platform in the next elections and bastardise the entire nation.

I really think, since india is a secular nation, we should ban religious platforms in elections.
Religion creates more problems than it solves, look at every single fucking war.

Sunny said...

this really pisses me off....
fucking communal politics.
i am the product of a Sikh mother and a Hindu father born in Delhi in 1983.

My parents hid during the hindu sikh riot. They had their friends lynched, beaten up. My uncle had his hair shorn off.
Fuck communal politics.
Sorry for getting rude, but i really do feel very strongly about this. What if they found my mother and me ( when i was a baby) and did something atrociously unimaginable?
What then?