Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lesson 14: The Theory of 49 %

Contributed by: Citizen Ikaros

49 % ministers in India are vote hungry megalomaniacs.
Rest of them have their votes assured. (Am being too sympathetic here?)

49% of operations and medical treatment in India are surgical mishaps.

Or else we would not have heard regular reports of cotton gauges and scissors found in the guts of unsuspecting patients. Call it bloke-headedness or sheer ignorance. When despite the brilliance of many doctors you have wrong diagnoses (more suffering, financial waste borne by the patient and family); think of what your 49 % not-so-brilliant-so-called-under-privileged, branded denim clad, reserved candidates – most of them can be safely called Dr Quacks – will end up doing. Perhaps they will next forget an entire tool kit inside someone.

49 % of quality time should be dedicated to protests by students.
They should be shown snippets and documentaries of Netaji Subhash Bose, Tinnamen Square Tragedy, Che Guevara, WWII, etc. Student ‘revolutions’ and ‘uprisings’ should be more of a regular feature all over the world, especially in India. Also special screenings of neo-idealistic films like Yuva, Rang De Basanti, The Motorcycle Diaries, Michael Collins etc should be encouraged in college auditoriums.

49% of the democracy in India is fascist.
I have been a quota victim years back. I feel the pangs of rejection due to caste bias. And I've felt the anger towards the OBCs, SCs, STs, NTs who smiled into glory with the assurance of engineering and medical seats in premier colleges. The whole idea of caste bias is put to full use by pathological egoists we call ministers. They still DIVIDE AND RULE.

PS: 1. Citizen Ikaros is our new contributor who joins us from Mumbai, India. Citizen Mads is already there. He is also part of the dirty business called media and has some RJ friends who he frequently threatens with an, "I will pull a Rang De Basanti in your studio."

2. Those who have views ANTI what he has to say about ministers, reservations, quacks, the works.... use the comments, WITHOUT insulting, or mail me what you have to say. A post on a different note is welcome. Again, what each one of says here might not often agree with everyone. Feel free to Debate.

3. Also, as suggested by one of our commentator's -- First Shitizen of India -- who missed some posts and developments; have put up the 'On Ground, Off-Blog' (top of the page, right) section that will keep readers posted on what we are up to. After a bit, am gonna shift that section down somewhere. Also, I think I goofed up the html-tagging bit, will re-do tomorrow morning. Yawning here, it's a nice change from insomnia.

4. Have I mentioned that so far, I do not know ANY of the contributors personally? Never even met them? Didn't even know they existed? And YET, we all think the same... Almost!
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Sunny said...

i will never admit to this again!
but one of the biggest reasons for me leaving India was the fact that one of my friends (who was wayyyyyyyy more loaded than me) got into his preferred program at IIT, and I did not even though I had a better ranking than him. Why? coz his last name was that of a registered OBC.

I was so ticked off at the state of things, because in my opinion our circumstances were not that different, and he certainly did not have any dearth of opportunity.
Sometimes being born as a punjabi in delhi, just seems like a bane

Soil & Music said...

I have always been amazed at people who go to vote during elections,whether it is in a city or in a village.

I wonder why they feel they have to vote,almost as if one is duty bound etc even when one has only idiots as candidates. I wonder why they don't just abstain.

Imagine the ripples one can create if a RWA, or a housing Society, or a village, or a particular media house decide that participation in Indian Elections means to abstain from voting.

I know some so called relatives in Bandra area, who didn't like the riots, supported peace initiatives etc, but still vote for Madhukar Sarpodkar. Its not crazy, i find it sick, i can puke.

Also in villages i have seen people just voting for absulute dumbos, year after year, just because one was given just an extra bottle of arrack.

Me, a proud INDIAN SHITIZEN has never voted & will never do so till death !!

Crimson Feet said...

OMG @ Soil n music

I understand the sentiments there. but dont you think that a better way would be to actually take the pain to segregate the wheat from the chaff and then vote for the wheat?

I mean, however drastic and pathbreaking it may sound, but you know its unrealistic and out of our hands to make the entire nation NOT vote in the next GE... however, what is IN our hands is to search out the right minded candidates with integrity and vote for them.

Even I have voted only once till now, and plan to follow the above in the next elections.

sector7 said...
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sector7 said...

^^ +1

Imagine the ripples one can create if many RWA's decide, hand in hand, to vote for a candidate who's actually done for the betterment of society. revolution!

The Cynic said...

Your initiative of tagging and identifying lecherous males and the projects as sought and initiated by you are commendable in their ingenuity and initiative.

Amazing how creativity and ingenuity can be used. EXEMPLARY.