Monday, October 1, 2007

Apologies and encouragement

Apologies for not being regular with the updates, my back has been acting up AND my laptop has been crashing. Have been scared to operate the machine for fear of losing all material. (scowl) There are three contributions sitting in my inbox -- excellent ones -- and unfortunately, have not been able to go through them. However, do wait up for a very nicely written piece on the Indian Software Engineer by Citizen Mohit.

Meanwhile, here's what Prasanna ( wrote on his blog, while he will still perhaps write a post for Shitizens' someday, we sincerely thank him for his encouraging words. Am pasting a bit of what he has to say, for the whole thing, do click on his blog link.
Love, peace and faith -- J Bo

Prasanna writes:

This is dedicated to two different sets of folks. For even if what they do, what they dream, what they see that the rest of us don't, are entirely orthogonal and unrelated, they are not so fundamentally different from each other in spirit.

Here's a toast to the folks behind and!

Here’s to the crazy ones...

PS: More to come Readers and soon... Don't lose the faith...or the patience!!

1 comment:

Care Bear said...

Thanks Prasanna. Words are the only things we have.And the encouraging ones are sure a delight :)

No losing faith,JBo.Mad* people only have faith to lean on.

The shitizens are here to stay,think,debate,change...slowly but surely.

*=People who think different :)